Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Before saying goodbye 2013 - A New Year poem

Before saying goodbye to 2013...
Let's cherish what it has given us.
May be a sharp pain that may take a lifetime to immerse;
May be a bouncing happiness that still makes you smile;
May be a stone tragedy that's hard on you to allow moving on further;
May be a supple love that is enough to surpass all the feelings;
May be an eternal friendship holding you in every sinking and bouncing moment;
May be a teary loss that you will always regret;
May be a stuffy gain that will lure you throughout the coming year;
May be a vivid vision of where you will land after a long journey;
But whatever it is, embrace 2013 once again with all your love and passion,
As it has taught you with so many feelings,
so much learning, mischief, so many laughter and so much tears;
But the most important is...
It never left you even for a moment while so many others might have done.
A loving goodbye to 2013,
and a welcome ode for 2014...

Saturday, 28 December 2013

Things to pack from 2013

As this year is ready to pack things up while making a generous willing space for another fresh year, there are always so many memories attached to this year. And not just memories but also some gem like learning, mind boggling situations, inspiring anecdotes and many more memory butterflies flying round the corner. Let's talk about the things I am packing from this year's trip and what do I expect myself to do in the next one.

  1. Take things slowly. Let things unfold on their own.
  2. Live life as tomorrow never comes.
  3. Kill your enemies by turning them into friends.
  4. Love your partner often.
  5. Pursuit a challenging hobby.
  6. Make new goals and before you do that, make sure last year goals are ticked on the list.
  7. Travel often. Learn new culture and blend in easily.
  8. Read a lot. Make books your best friends.
  9. Get inspired and let someone inspired.
  10. Develop passion and dedication for your work. These will make the journey more enjoyable and less exhaustive.
  11. Reveal a secret. Don't be like an inflated balloon anymore.
  12. Get a mentor. Or better, be someone else's.
  13. Be curious, polite and gentle, little taciturn at times, and little rough too. All kind of emotions work favorably if used for the right moment.
  14. Spend more time with family. Give them also the opportune moment to say, "You are everything for us too".
  15. Learn the trend of new year. Blend in with the crowd but stand unique with your own style.
  16. Wear your stand. If you do this, a simple t-shirt will look fab on you.
  17. Do not try to impress people. More you try, less you will accomplish. Try to leave a lasting impression.
  18. 'When meet a celebrity, give them dignity and respect. They most deserve it.' I read these lines in a wonderful book recently.

Thursday, 26 December 2013

Guest post by Maya from It's Never Too Late

Hello everyone! I am Maya and delighted to write a guest post on my best friend Priyanka's wonderful blog titled as Pages From My Life.

First of all, I wish you all Merry Christmas. I also hope the upcoming year adds new glint to your hopes, success and to all those things that you wish to accomplish. Happy New Year.

Just day before yesterday I got back in Bangalore, the city I so deeply love and where my home resides. Over Christmas greetings, Priyanka asked me to write a guest post on her blog. I am delighted to talk to all of you. Priyanka has told me how much love so many people have showered on me in a very less span of time. I am delighted and thankful for your blessings and wishes. Please keep them coming on my way :)

As requested by Priyanka, I am not supposed to reveal much about me or my life but there are few fronts on which I am free to talk about. As you all know, I am an Indian Institute of Kanpur (IITK) alumnus. During my studies, I came across Rajat (who is my husband now). Things then went on smoothly and we both got jobs in a wonderful city called Bangalore. If I tell you one secret {don't tell it to Priyanka. She will kill me (wink)}, I had never imagined that the guy whom I was meeting for the first time would become my husband. In fact, we both took many classes together but never happened to talk to each other. But life has its own magical ways. It sprinkles some unexpected seasonings on our ways to make every turn relishing. And today when I am married to him, I realize marrying him was the best decision in my life. Rajat is always supportive, loving, caring and amiable towards me. I still see my best friend in him.

Then life took a swift turn and our daughter, Sejal, stepped into our busy lives. The moment she arrived, the whole world blurred past ourselves. Nothing mattered to us but her. Becoming parents would be so much livelier, we had never imagined. Now Sejal is five year old and I feel like she is indeed the naughtiest kid in town. She hardly listens to us. Always busy with her dolls and doll houses. When I chide her, she finds her father on rescue. Rajat dotes on her so much that my wishes often sit back. He madly love her. He just can never imagine his life without his little daughter. She will always be the love of our lives. She is like a sun around which our life planets are revolving in happy orbits.

Degree from a prestigious organization like IIT Kanpur, job and home in Silicon city of India, Bangalore, married to the best friend and proud parent of a sweet kid; such life easily resembles to a fairy tale. Right? Yes. It does. For me too. My life was perfect with little natural ups and downs. Life otherwise was flawless; like a pleasant never ending journey. Rajat and I both had woven our future dreams with so much love and care. Nothing could dash it down. Nothing.

Or so we believed.

Monday, 23 December 2013

Enjoy life - A one-way drive

If there is one thing unchangeable, that is the change itself. It never changes it nature.

Like the below picture says it all, life is a one way drive and this drive happens for only once. So why not making this one lifetime drive a happy and pleasant one in its truest sense? It is not hard to do so though. You just need few things like the best companion, a good car that runs on pretty good tyres and a stock of food to survive.

When travelling with someone who promises to be at your side at every turn and every fall, the ride automatically becomes a lot easier. No worries driving on the back seat, no stress heating up the engine and certainly no annoying people bursting your tyres out. If you are one lucky person to enjoy your life ride with such ease and envy, it would be highly recommended if you enjoy every moment too. No two moments are alike. One can be happy and the other can be happier or uglier but not the two moment you will find similar. 

They say life is too short to enjoy. I say, life is long enough to steal handful precious moments. But truly speaking, it doesn't matter what anyone says. The thing that matters is, what do you think, how you take on your life and how much better driving you know. I have a good car but in earlier driving days, I have generously crafted few scratches and one blow (first car comes with no guarantee you see). Technically one can say I am a terrible driver. But I am saying I am not. Why? Because I now come with experience. Once a mistake is done and analyzed, there is no point in repeating it. I drive good now. 

The same way life goes on. If you know a particular thing has the power to hurt you, take a detour and find something that can cheer you up. When you want pizza but you get a burger instead, pack it anyway. When hunger cramps hit you, the same burger tastes much better than pizza. When you bump on a hurdle, learn to take life slowly and get over the thing. In short, life is a one-way drive. Either get a fabulous car and the best company to enjoy the ride or make sure you have a parallel road on which you can hop on anytime to make the ride better and hassle free.

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Living with a writer! Read the precautions...

Amuse yourself but do staple these instructions in mind when living or meeting with a writer or an author. By the way, I happen to be one. (Chuckle)

Friday, 13 December 2013

Start a day with thinking something good!

When you wake up in the morning, what is that one thing that you cherish the most? What is that which makes you happy and ensures you a great day ahead? Ponder over it for sometime and if you didn't have to think much over the answer, you are the one lucky person.

If I talk about myself, I think on how the day is going to be! But a good night sleep rejuvenates me a lot. These days it is extremely hard to get a luxurious sleep as I am little tensed and very much excited about my upcoming novel It's Never Too Late. Whether I am tired or not, I can not sleep for a long time. I know it's just a phase and will soon my tossed out of the window.

Let not get digressed from the topic and talk about the first best thing you see in the morning to make you happy for the rest of the day. Sun rays piercing through the windows, birds chirping, and light noises are somewhat capable to soothe your sleepy nerves. But do not rely much on the outside things to make you happy. Think about something that can cheer you up instantly and holds the power to keep you happy and motivated through out the day. For example -

  • Seeing a friend
  • A lovely quote from someone (like I read it yesterday - Picasso did not wait to become Picasso to play like Picasso by Robin Sharma. Inspiring? Isn't it?)
  • Shopping (I love it)
  • Cooking a delicious meal for family or just for yourself
  • Spending time with hobbies like travelling, reading, painting, guitar or violin and what not
  • Getting a membership of a sports club or readers club or something similar to this
  • Taking out time to connect with friends and family members
  • Meditation or exercise
  • A picnic or a movie with loved ones or if everyone is busy, you are enough for your company


And the list goes on... It totally depends on YOU how you want your day to go. If you think about something good, you will feel good and if you feel good, your day will rock. 

So when you wake up this following weekend, think something good. It will make you a happy person and a happy person is lovable to all.

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

How to deal with a nagging neighbour

If you have a nagging fighting-maniac neighbor next door then you can easily relate to my pain and if this neighbor happens to have a dog barking day in and day out, you can feel the loads of irritation coming my way any time and every time.

Neighbors...they are always imagined as a friendly next door people who not only share their space with you but also comes at rescue when you need them. Good neighbors become your another family out of your own. Having been blessed with a good friendly neighborhood is a bliss; something that we always wish for when we move somewhere.

But...our wish comes crashing when we encounter a troublesome recalcitrant people living next door. Before you realize what wrong you have done to them, they will come rushing only to drag you into a fight. The fight majorly consists of verbal accuses and high pitched voice insults. Whether you are innocent or merely a witness to someone else's fight, such neighbors always drag the rest of the word with them, including YOU.

Then how to deal with them? How to keep a distance from such people? How to avoid these petty but very serious unpleasant anecdotes in day to day life? Help is not far away only if you are willing to look for it. Let's share the points that can save you from such frustrating people i.e. nagging neighbors.

1. Find the source of their agitation. The source may lie at your court sometimes. You may have been keeping your television volume quiet high or your homely kids keep playing at their porch area all the time. Reason could be anything. May be it is others who are provoking their counteractive nature. Whatever the source is, search and try to tap it as much as you can.

2. Talk. This may sound little uneasy because people who are habitual of nagging all the time hardly opt for talking and that too, sane. If the problem persists for a long time, try to talk to them. Invite them over to your place or look for the suitable time when they are relaxing at theirs. Target is, catch them when they are in calm mode and then proceed to talk. Talk with polite words and do not jump straight onto the point. First start with normal chatting and then gradually come to the point. Your choice of words and the overall language should not sound like you are accusing them for something. Just say about your discomfort and how it is negatively affecting your daily life. Talk but with caution. That's the take away here.

3. Do not gossip. People come good and bad. There is no more saying in it. If your neighbor is nagging, try to not gossip about it to others, especially with the other neighbors. Words may reach from your mouth to their ears eventually. Think ahead and do not gossip much about it.

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Learn to say NO

'Yes' is the word that is often considered as a very positive gesture. When someone needs a help, saying yes can probably be the best way to please. Where agreeing to do a task for others may crown you with a very positive and friendly person, right there can saying its rival 'No' makes you look like an unfriendly and cold individual? Does this two letter word 'No' has the power to label you as the person devoid of feelings towards others?

The answer may again fall on the lap of its opposite but I don't think that saying no to something can make you look all of a sudden ugly to someone. For me, it is utmost essential to consider your stand first because I believe in -

Your stand decides your direction.

If you think helping someone is good, it is indeed but up to an extent only. If someone just wants to nag you into something out of no reason or wants to keep you busy to fulfill his own tasks, or worse, if he really do not care whether you are in the position of helping, it is certainly best and wise to take your stand with a firm no. If you are not comfortable with helping someone, it is absolutely okay to deny it rather than doing it halfheartedly or with annoyance.

LEARN TO SAY NO as it will show that you are not available every time at everyone's dispense. LEARN TO SAY NO because you don't want another regret added into your kitty for doing something that doesn't suits you. Saying no is as important and as respectable as saying yes. So learn to take your stand and say no when the moment demands for it.

But where saying yes without even a hint of smile can please someone, there saying no with your best manner possibly evoke harsh feelings. Say no but with politeness and with a smile. If possible and required, explain why you are denying to help. Explanation will slice the further expectations and thus, will save the relationship you share with that needy person.

Sometimes it becomes tricky to say no. For example, if someone older to you asking for it and you are not at all able to help, it becomes hard to refuse out of respect. In such cases, try your best to help the person but if you still can not, express your discomfort with sharing the correct reason and try for someone else who can do the job. Choose appropriate words while denying because sometimes, older people fail to look beyond the curtain and may consider you irresponsible. Listening to the sincere words in polite manner enhance the chances of being understood correct.

You can not please everybody but if you are not pleased doing something, do not even try to please others. It may jeopardize you seriously. So be happy, keep an open heart and learn to take your stand.

Monday, 2 December 2013

The Sunday mirage

What a relaxing day yesterday (Sunday) was! The day was over in a blink of an eye. It started with rush in the morning. There was annual day function in my kid's school and we had to drop him at the venue by sharp 8 am. The tragedy happened with me on this note. The previous night I set the alarm at morning 6 o'clock but I had forgotten that the alarm was only from Mondays to Saturdays. No Sundays. I forgot to change the day and that's why it failed to jolt me up in the morning. When I opened my eye lids, it was already 7.30! Oh gosh!! With double jolt, I got up hurriedly and instructed Sumit to get Ashmit wake up and ready. I washed my face and I ran into the kitchen. I did some speedy cooking and packed snacks and two water bottles in Ashmit's function bag (extra snacks and water bottles were the instructions we had received from the school). Finally when it was 5 to 8, Sumit went off to drop him. After coming back, we also got ready in haste and left for the venue. The function was scheduled to start by 9.30 and by the time we reached to the auditorium (where the function was held), it was jammed packed with promiscuous number of parents and guests. We sighed and somehow occupied two seats in the rear side of the crowd.

Finally the function commenced and our kid did really well. He was in a skit named Wisdom of Solomon and in a dance called The Fisherman's Frolic. We were ecstatic to see him performing so well in both. Finally we left the venue after the function finished off on the success note. We picked our lunch from outside and headed towards home. We had lunch and then we all three rest-seeking musketeers settled down on the bed to play the game Cluedo. Sumit bought it just yesterday and after rummaging through its long pages of rules, we finally got the clues how to play it and started playing. Gradually we picked the ropes and the game turned out to be a very interesting one. We played for twice and in between, we kept teasing each other, fought over the facts and giggled whenever the other person lost. All in all, it was wonderful to spend time with my family, as usual.

Then we, the fatigued family, wrapped up the game and slept wherever we were. It was a very relaxing to catch the nap after the hasty day. We all got up in the evening and then enjoyed the game again for thrice in which I won for twice, had delicious dinner with tea, talked and laughed like the happiest people on this earth and in the meanwhile, I finished reading one Hindi novel (Yes! I read Hindi novels too. I love them). There upon, we are now finally settled on the bed to sleep.